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  Winterage is a Symphonic Power Metal band born in 2008 from the idea of violinist Gabriele Boschi and keyboardist Dario Gisotti. Together with guitarist Riccardo Gisotti, the band immediately starts writing own compositions in a Power Metal style with classical and traditional music influences. In 2010 the line-up is enhanced by the entrance of drummer Davide Bartoli and bassist Matteo Raganini, and the band starts a local live activity with good audience response.
In april 2011 they produce their first 6-track EP, which is received very well by the public and gets very good reviews by webzines and magazines.

In 2012 the line-up is finally completed by singer Daniele Barbarossa, and new songs are written, with a full Symphonic Power Metal sound: the band publishes the single “Forest of Consciousness”, as part of the soundtrack of an independent horror film.

Between 2013 and 2014 the band prepares for the launch of the first LP, and the live activity goes on with several gigs, among which the one with Elvenking at the Traffic Club in Roma and the one with Dark Moor at the Colony Club of Brescia.

In 2014 the band starts the recording of the debut album for the Nadir Music label, under the guide of Tommy Talamanca.
This is an impressive, accurate work which lasted more than 6 months: a real symphonic orchestra was recorded, counting 40 elements, enriching the songs with majestic orchestral and choral arrangements, written by the band itself.


Debut album “The Harmonic Passage” has been released on 2nd of February, 2015.

Winterage is founded in 2008, from the idea of violinist Gabriele Boschi and keyboardist Dario Gisotti, and during that year they start playing and composing together with guitarist Riccardo Gisotti.

Between 2009 and 2010 they enlist drummer Davide Bartoli and bassist Matteo Raganini, and play the first gigs in local venues.


The band’s sound develops into a Power Metal with influence from medieval, classical and celtic music, but also epic and progressive metal.
In april 2001 the first EP is produced featuring 6 tracks, mostly instrumental, recorded at Nadir Studios by Tommy Talamanca (Sadist). The record is received enthusiastically by the audience and the reviews are positive, and the live activity of the band increases. The track “Ancient Forces” is included by the Rock Hard Italy magazine in the “Explosion” compilation in october 2012, and distributed nationally.


At the start of 2012, the addition of singer Daniele Barbarossa completes the line-up of the band, leading the band to the composition of new songs, taking the path of Symphonic Power Metal.

In 2013 they record the single “Forest of Consciousness”, a track with a more dusky and decadent sound, commissioned by the film director Alberto Bogo for the soundtrack of the horror film “Extreme Jukebox”, also featuring Pino Scotto and Trevor from Sadist.

The live activity intensifies, leading to important gigs such as those with Elvenking at the Traffic Club in Rome and with Dark Moor at the Circolo Colony in Brescia.

In 2014 the band produces the first full-lenght album at Nadir Studios, under the supervision of Tommy Talamanca: a huge work with the participation of a true symphonic orchestra and a lyrical choir, enriching their songs with the majestic orchestral arrangements realized by the band violinist Gabriele Boschi.

The album “The Harmonic Passage, distributed by Nadir Music, was released on the 2nd of February 2015, and was received enthusiastically by the national and international critic, with several “record of the month” awards, and entering top 10 of 2015 in many metal webzines.


“A majestic work, both on compositional and technical level” – Metal Maniac


“A young band in great shape, very effective in dispensing big doses of Symphonic Power Metal” – Rock Hard Italy


“An amazing debut. The hardest part will be to repeat it” – Metallo Italiano


“The apparition of Winterage on the market is clamorous, and rightly so! They’re bringing a gust of fresh air in a genre that often smells stale” – Metalitalia


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Right after the release of the album, the band undergoes a change of line-up, with young Luca Ghiglione taking up the drums and Fausto Ciapica the bass and backing vocals.
The band is busy with the promotion of the album and many gigs, notably the ones with Angra at the 261 Pub of Genoa, with Trick or Treat at the Crazy Bull of Genoa, with Dragonland and Pathfinder at Villa Tacchini in Geneva, and with Moonspell at the Dagda Club in Voghera.

Meanwhile the violinist Gabriele has recorded solos for the Vivaldi Metal Project, an “all metal stars” project with many international artists, that consists in a metal arrangement of the 4 Seasons of Antonio Vivaldi. Gabriele ha salso taken part, in April 2017, to the recording of a live DVD with the band Temperance.

On the 25th of December 2015, they release the digital single “The Legend of the White Tannenbaum”, a medley of famous Christmas songs arranged into a single song in the distinctive style of the band. The song has significant success, rating “Top Metal Song” in iTunes for two days.

In July 2017, the band performs for the first time with a string quartet and a choir, in a unique show at the Botto Theatre of Savignone, Genoa. 

In 2018 Fausto gives way to bassist Matteo Serlenga






Winterage’s second album was recorded by Tommy Talamanca  (Sadist, Nadir Music Studios) and Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth, Wonderworld), mixed by Simone Coen (Chocolate Studio, Apple), and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Epica, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Delain). The orchestra has been conducted by Vito Lo Re (Rhapsody of Fire). The cover artwork has been painted by Péter Sallai (Sabaton, Hammerfall, Amon Amarth).



Winterage is looking for a label that could believe in their music and values.





Current Members

Daniele Barbarossa – Vocals

Gabriele Boschi – Violin

Gianmarco Bambini – Guitars

Matteo Serlenga – Bass

Luca Ghiglione – Drums


Former Members

Riccardo Gisotti – Guitars

Dario Gisotti – Keyboards

Matteo Raganini – Bass

Davide Bartoli – Drums

Fausto Ciapica – Bass