❄️ Winterage Album II is now ready! ❄️

This amazing voyage has come to an end… now we’re done!!!


Winterage second album was recorded by  Tommy Talamanca  (Sadist, Nadir Music Studios) and Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth, Wonderworld), mixed by Simone Coen (Chocolate Studio, Apple), mastered by Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Epica, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Delain). The orchestra has been conducted by Vito Lo Re (Rhapsody of Fire)  and the cover artwork is by Péter Sallai (Sabaton, Hammerfall, Amon Amarth).



Winterage is looking for a label that could believe in their music and values.



❄️ ALBUM II UPDATE ❄️ Cover Artwork!

We just ended working on our music.
So, we want to unveil the artist who takes care of our new album artwork: he is the great Péter Sallai aka Mortpaintgraphics, who designed a lot of paintings for Sabaton, Hammerfall, Accept, Tyr, Rhapsody and so on! We really love his masterpieces and he is doing a great job with our imagination.
STAY WINTER #staywinter



❄️ ALBUM II UPDATE ❄️ Mastering!

We are in the final phase of the album: the MASTERING!
We choosed a super skilled person who will take care of our new songs.
He is the great Jacob Hansen from his Hansen Studios in Denmark (Epica, Volbeat, Amaranthe, Primal Fear, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Delain, ecc).
We are super excited about this collaboration and we are sure he will do an amazing work on our majestic second album!




❄️ NEW ALBUM UPDATE ❄️ Mixing!

We finally ended our mix! ❄️🎛
A HUGE thank to our Sound Engineer Simone Coen for his accurate and incredible work… with a lot of patience, wisdom and skills, he made miracles on our songs. THANK YOU
Next step: Mastering!💥





❄️ NEW ALBUM UPDATE ❄️ Power Choir!

And CHOIR again! 🎙
Male power choirs are recorded❄️
#staywinter #secondalbum #winterage




❄️ NEW ALBUM UPDATE ❄️ Violin!

And at the end…Gabriele is recording his violin!! ❄️

We are almost ready to start THE MIX 🔊



❄️ NEW ALBUM UPDATE ❄️ Lyrical Choir!


And the correct answer is…CHOIR! 🎙
We had a second sopranos session with our super friends Benedetta, Silvia and Francesca. 🎶👩‍👧‍👧
We want to thank them all from the bottom of our heart, for giving birth to our music with their magical voices!! ❄️
Our recording session for the second album is finally coming to an end, few instruments are missing…
STAY TUNED and #staywinter !

❄️ NEW ALBUM UPDATE ❄️ Guitars!

Today…guitar solos! 🎸 Rick recorded all the solos of the album in just a few hours. Great work man!!! ❄️ #staywinter





Thank You Montelago!!!


Foto BG contacts

After being selected among 18 italian bands, we played at the great Montelago Celtic Festival together with other 3 bands. We have been judged by a jury. They chose Winterage as winners of European Celtic Contest 2019!

This picture is taken  from our second live the day after with our huge audience!

As winners we’ll play again in summer 2020 at many great celtic festivals. See you next summer… but stay Winter! ;D



It’s time to record some folk instruments!

We just recorded many traditional instruments like Bouzouki, Bodhrán, Button Accordion and more…

Dario is going on with some Uillean Pipes and Whistles parts! ❄️ #staywinter




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