New album: Studio recordings with a real orchestra!!!

Our violinist and orchestral arranger Gabriele Boschi

Our violinist and orchestral arranger Gabriele Boschi

In March 2014, we started to record our first full-lenght album: more than 10 tracks, most of them arranged with a real  symphonic orchestra!

We have now completed drums and bass recordings, and during these  three days (April 11-13),  we’re recording an about  40 element orchestra at Nadir Studios of Genoa under the wise direction of the great Tommy Talamanca.

All orchestral arrangements have been written by Winterage violinist Gabriele Boschi!


Stay tuned… stay Winter!


New album on sight! Promotional photoshoot at Gustavo Modena theatre


Gustavo Modena Theatre

Promotional photoshoot at G. Modena theatre done!

Soon we’ll post the official album presentation shoots by  Tizianophotographer !

Here’s a very representative picture  of  what you’ll ear in our first  full-lenght album… tell us your expectations about it!

Stay winter!!!

Interactive discography page



Our new Discography page will allow you to listen to all our music with an interactive player, directly from our blog.



New Website!

Here’s our new Blog!!!  Soon many news for you!


Stay Winter!

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