❄️ NEW ALBUM UPDATE ❄️ Power Choir!

And CHOIR again! 🎙
Male power choirs are recorded❄️
#staywinter #secondalbum #winterage




❄️ NEW ALBUM UPDATE ❄️ Violin!

And at the end…Gabriele is recording his violin!! ❄️

We are almost ready to start THE MIX 🔊



❄️ NEW ALBUM UPDATE ❄️ Lyrical Choir!


And the correct answer is…CHOIR! 🎙
We had a second sopranos session with our super friends Benedetta, Silvia and Francesca. 🎶👩‍👧‍👧
We want to thank them all from the bottom of our heart, for giving birth to our music with their magical voices!! ❄️
Our recording session for the second album is finally coming to an end, few instruments are missing…
STAY TUNED and #staywinter !

❄️ NEW ALBUM UPDATE ❄️ Guitars!

Today…guitar solos! 🎸 Rick recorded all the solos of the album in just a few hours. Great work man!!! ❄️ #staywinter