Theatre Live Videoclip

Here ‘s  our official videoclip from our last concert at Theatre Botto in Savignone (GE) with String Quartet and Choir.

Enjoy the Real Symphonic Power Metal! 



Halloween in Triora, Village of Witches

On  Halloween will be in the wonderful yet creepy medieval village of Triora (IM) !


Brace yourselves! Winterage is coming!



Live in Genoa

On October 17 we’ll be back in our hometown to rock again with our symphonies! 

Stay Winter!


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Live at Theater Botto



We just want to say: THANK YOU!


What happened last night is unprecedented in Winterage history: seeing the theater full of your warmth gave us plenty of energy  on the stage.

We’d like to thank  all the people who went along with us into this great live concert: the string quartet composed by Francesco, Valerio, Ruben e Delfina; the choir : composed by Nicoletta from Kalidia, Sarah and Claudio; the great Tommy Talamanca adn their helpers Matteo and Luca for their incredible work behid the mixer. Special thanks to Savignone city who gave us this opportunity.


We still feel those emotions deep inside from last night! 


Again Thank You All! And Stay Winter! 



Session with our String Quartet

We are ready for our first live at the teather!

See you tomorrow! Stay Winter!





New t-shirts


Be one of the first to have our NEW WINTERAGE shirt!
All details on our BandCamp



Winterage with string quartet and choir!


A Real Symphonic Metal Night 
Winterage live at the Theater with string quartet and Choir.
A unique  event into an incredible location, Winterage with many special guests like Nicoletta Rosellini from Kalidia, will perform their full album and much more!





Celtic Days Brescia

On July 5 will be at Celtic Days open air live in Brescia.

Brace yourselves!



The Harmonic Passage 2nd Anniversary Live in Genoa

Winterage are back on stage in their hometown  Genoa.

On the 2nd anniversary of  The Harmonic Passage the band will perform all  tracks from the album for the first time! Even those never played live before will be possible thanks to the  partecipation of some special guests, who’ll give their contribution to make a special show!





Live with Dragonland and Pathfinder in Geneva!!!

Breaking news!!!


On November 12 we’ll be in Geneva for a great show:  we’re so proud to open such bands like Dragonland and Pathfinder!

Switzerland, you called…  and here we come!


Stay Winter



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